mandag 3. oktober 2011

Forms and shapes!

Last week we learned about shapes and forms that you can use in an image. The expression of the image changes when you use a certain form, shape, pattern etc. There is much you can use in an image. Diagonal, vertical, horizontal, and curved lines can create different moods. A triangle pointing up, has a more harmonious expression, than a triangle pointing downward. At the same time circular composition gives a sense of harmony and an intact emotion. The circle is a universal symbol for unity

There are many symbols and elements used in photography. I will not go any further into all of these, but however, if you are interested, there is a book by David Präkel called "Basic Photography: Composition." It's a simple but great book to have, if you want to take pictures. 

So here are some of my pictures.


I got really good feedback for the last picture from my teacher. We both agreed that she looked like a mermaid, and that the silhouette of the body worked out pretty good and that the hands looked very nice. I was supposed to have submitted all the images in black and white (I didn't know this). I'm very fond of colors, and that's why I haven't changed them. 

Often I find it difficult to crop of the image when editing. I've told you earlier that I'm a sucker for the Rule of Thirds, but sometimes it just doesn't work. It's not always easy to say what is correct and what is wrong. You just gotta trust your guts... or eyes, or whatever.

This week is filled with new projects. I'm gonna experiment more with light, and try out more lamps (I've mostly used two). We were also told to choose a personal project within half an hour, and say it out loud to everyone afterwards. I got an idea I thought was good, but eventually I realized that I had dug myself a deep grave. And now I am not allowed to change my mind. I've no idea how I'm gonna make it happen! I will also experiment with colors (yey, colors!) and try to find colors that complement each other and colors that provide contrast in an image. It will be exciting!

Here is one of the test shots for this shoot. I liked it so much, I thought I would share it with you!  

Thanks for dropping by! 

PS: Unless you have already seen this, check out my Behance page:

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