søndag 4. september 2011

Getting started!

Alright! Here we go! I must say that I am quite skeptical about this whole blogging thing, and to be honest, I have not read too many blogs. BUT, I have been advised to create a blog where I can share my experiences whilst becoming a full-fledged photographer. I am currently a student, and I am gonna do a lot of projects in the future where I will be experimenting with techniques, genres and styles.

I will write this blog in English, to make it more international. The industry is international and therefore I should reach as many people as possible. My English might not always be perfect. This is not an author blog, but rather a photo blog. And English is not my native language, so bare with me. As the title describes, this is not an art gallery, but rather an attempt to describe my experiments

Now that the purpose is explained and all, I can tell you about myself. As mentioned earlier in this post, I am a student. I have not taken pictures for too long, but I've always been interested in the visual arts. As a child, I loved to draw and paint. I still do. My first real camera was bought almost two years ago. At once I knew we belonged together, the camera and I. I love technical stuff, and I love to be creative - so it was just ment to be!

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to be accepted at the best school in Oslo (I think it is the best). I had my first day of school this Tuesday and this whole week has been very exciting and educational. I've already learned a lot, but the more I learn, the more I realize how little I actually know. I am very motivated and I'm ready to receive all that I can learn. 

When it comes to photography, I shoot both analog and digital. At school I will learn to develop film on my own, which I'm really looking forward to! Until now, I've delivered film rolls to a photo lab here in the neighborhood. It is quite expensive to do this if you shoot a lot of analog. So it will not only be fun to develop film on my own, but also a lot cheaper

There are many exciting things that await me and my career. I will update you as often as I can. So stay tuned!

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