søndag 18. september 2011

Portraits, portraits, portraits!

In my previous post I mentioned that I would put out some pictures from the shoot earlier this week. The task we got was the following:
1) SELF-PORTRAIT: This task will result in 3-4 photos, and represent a classic photographic approach - to portray yourself!

PORTRAIT OF SOMEONE ELSE - OTHER PERSONS: You go from portraying yourself to portray others. You are free to decide how to perform the mission, but we would like to see two different images.

I had so much fun taking pictures of my brother's girlfriend. She is very pretty and always smiling, but I really wanted to try to bring out other aspects of her. Here are some of the pictures. 

The selection process was tough. I do believe I shot over 500 photos. I might post some more of these pictures from this shoot as soon as I get time to edit them. They are good, and they should therefore be shared with you guys. I had to take pictures of myself too. It was a little unpleasant at first. Personally I feel that I have no control when I have to do a self-portait. I do not know exactly what I am taking picture of. These pictures were not as nice as I had hoped for. Here they are! 


My teacher really liked the last picture. I got very good feedback for this photo. People said it was convincing. That it was a credible photo. The other pictures I took were pretty and all, but nothing more. I have to start daring a little more and try out alternative solutions to get it to tell the viewer something - to tell a story. It's so good to receive positive feedback, but also criticism. Both good and bad criticism. I really really appreciate it. As long as it is constructive criticism that gives me something to work on. So it gives me a chance to improve. That's why I'm at school. To learn about techniques and everything, to get guidance and advices, to get inspired, to get an environment and a network, and to be criticized. The same applies to everything I post here on my 'phoblography'. Feel free to comment on the posts and tell me what you think. I want to learn as much as possible, and I am willing to work hard to be the best as I possibly can. Now, enough about that. Let's go on to the next task, which was the following:

2) AUTUMN: A new season is here and with a single image you portray the fall and how our surroundings and we are affected!

Here we were told that there should not be any pictures about leaves and such typical autumn symbols. I had a brainstorming while I had a cup of coffee outside at a cafe in the neighborhood. I thought about all the things that I feel touches the theme of autumn. The weather has changed and it's colder and often raining. The nature is lovely with all the different colors and all, and people have to wear thicker jackets and sweathers etc. - but is there something else going on? I began to think about the bikini season. That it's over, and people can stop with all the stress related to appearance and flat tummies. My idea was to first find a shelf in a store where hair removal products were on sale. I could not find anything that was visually good, but then I came across a small shop that had two full shelves with sunscreen on sale. So this is the result!  

 From a technical point of view the picture is not very good. What I could do in a narrow and small store with bad light and a lot of people trying to get pass me while I was taking pictures, was indeed limited. So I had to be quick, beacuse I was in the way for the customers. If I would have the chance of bringing my own lamps, and if the space would be bigger - I think the result would be better too. But I had to the best I could even though the circumstances was not the best. Anyway, the idea was good, but the result wasn't. You learn as long as you live, I guess. 

Tomorrow's the beginning of a new week with new experiences and new tasks. I am looking forward to the challenges and I am looking forward to take lots of new pictures. Stay tuned for new updates. NEW, NEW, NEW! 

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